Elder Beerman


Elder-Beerman, an American based department store chain, was founded in 1883. As of recent though the retail giant has been falling on hard times. The provider of clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, and housewares has decided to close its physical stores in order to focus on the e-commerce side of business. While this has turned off some customers to the retailer, others are embracing the company’s willingness to make changes and has since become consistent buyers of their products.

Hours and Locations

Elder-Beerman has fallen in past couple of decades, going through a messy bankruptcy in 2003 and a recent liquidation. Due to the constant change in ownership of the brand and company, all of its physical stores have been shut down permanently. The e-commerce side of the company and business has since reopened back in August of 2018 allowing for faithful customers to continue to shop at the retailer. The goals for the company moving forward to remain a more agile retailer in the marketspace focusing on internet sales over opening any locations in the near future.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Elder-Beerman

Elder-Beerman was a long standing staple in the Midwest United States for more than 120 years. For many customers the department store chain was more than a store, it was a spot where they had spent time with their parents and grandparents. There were memories wrapped up inside of the the walls of the buildings. Now that it is gone, here are 5 facts to remember the retailer by:

  1. Elder-Beerman also owned and operated two furniture stores located in Ohio.
  2. Some of the largest retail locations were close to 250,000 square feet.
  3. The first company slogan “To present to the public good, dependable merchandise at sensible prices” was created in 1883.
  4. The company remained family runned for than 70 years.
    The original location sold groceries in addition to clothing.

Menu Items

Elder-Beerman was a prominent retailer in the department store industry for more than 120 years. The brand supplied customers with different merchandising options including women’s men’s, and children’s apparel and accessories; cosmetics, home furnishings and consumable goods. SInce closing its doors the chain has become extremely lean as they transition into an online presence and slim their offerings.

A Brief History

Elder-Beerman was founded in 1883 as the Boston Dry Goods Store by Thomas Elder, William Hunter, and Russell Johnston and originally sold textiles, clothing and groceries. 13 years late the company relocated and changed its name to Elder & Johnston Company department store. There it would stay until 1930 unti Arthur Beerman bought the company and rebranded it Elder-Beerman Stores. The company continued its success in to the late 1990s before the company hit a rough patch. They were acquired by The Bon-Ton company in 2003 after filing for bankruptcy. The company’s physical stores were then shut down permanently in 2018.

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