Big Lots

Big Lots

Big Lots, an American discount retailer, offers products and goods to customers at a highly discounted price. The company was founded in 1967 by Sol Shenk who had a passion for crazy closeout deals. Sol had so much love for this kind of sales he created the entire company around the same business model. Today the company offers an assortment of brand-name items and high-quality products that include food, furniture, seasonal items, electronics, home decor, toys, and gifts.

Hours and Locations

Most Big Lots  locations open at 9:00am and close at 9:00pm Monday through Saturday. Sunday hours are typically a little shorter and usually run  from 10:00am to 9:00pm. Even though most of the stores operate by the same hours it is always best to research the closest location to you before visiting. It’s also a smart idea to keep in mind operating hours may change during  holidays like New Year's day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Good Friday and Black Friday. is often used by people who are trying to find out if “there is a Big Lots near me, that’s open today”.

Our retail locator will help you find both the location and hours of operation of any store. With over 1,400  locations spread throughout the country, there is no shortage of locations for customers to find a great deal.  This is especially true if you find yourself in either California, Florida, or Texas as each has a high concentration of stores in each state.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Big Lots

Big Lots has developed a strong following of consumers who are looking to make a purchase at a discounted price. While many people know about the great deals you can get at the retailer, the same can’t be said about the company itself. Below are 5 quick facts that will help you get to know Big Lots a little better.

  1. The original chain had several name changes including Odd Lots and Consolidated Stores Corporation.
  2. There is a Big Lots Foundation that helps support hunger, housing, healthcare, and education.
  3. All products in the stores are acquired from more than 3,000 vendors who no longer want the product in their inventory.
  4. One of the vendors that Big Lots get a lot of their products from is Procter & Gamble.
  5. It costs roughly $80,000 to repaint a single location.

Products & Services

As a discount retailer the offerings at Big Lots continue to expand daily. The company routinely works with over 3,000 vendors throughout the country who supply them with goods such as upholstery, mattresses, case goods, holiday supplies, bath and window products, area rugs, home decor, groceries, candy, snacks, and picture frames. New products are arriving daily so it is important to keep your eyes open and visit the chain often for good deals.

A Brief History

The roots of Big Lots can be traced back to founder Sol Shenk and his Consolidated Stores corporation in 1967. Sol had noticed that closeout stores were the next big thing in the economy and decided to open his first store called Odd Lots in 1982. By 1985 all of the Odd Lots stores were changed to Big Lots do to a conflict with a company that had a similar name in the region. The retailer quickly continued to grow and acquired Toy Liquidators in 1994, increasing their storefront size by 82. The acquisitions have played a large part in the organizations growth plans and have helped to build it into the top discount retailer in America.

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