Fuddruckers, an American fast casual restaurant chain, specializes in providing one of a kind hamburgers to its patrons. Many people are use to normal sized hamburgers but this chain takes it to a whole other level. They continuously push burger boundaries while keeping ingredients as fresh as can be. The meat that goes into their sandwiches are ground on-site and buns are baked fresh every day. If you are in the mood for a larger than life burger this is the restaurant for you.

Hours and Locations

Normally most Fuddruckers restaurant chains open at 11:00am and close at 9:00pm Sunday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday are usually the extended days as the chain is open from 11:00am to 10:00pm. The hours of the company do tend to change depending on the location of the establishment, so it is a good idea to lookup your location before heading out for dinner. Keep in mind the hours of operation could be different on holidays like New Year's day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Good Friday and Black Friday. Hours.com is often used by people who are trying to find out if “there is a Fuddruckers near me, that’s open today”.

Our restaurant locator will help you find both the location and hours of operation of any store. With over 223 stores spread throughout several countries, it can be a little hard to try the hamburger restaurant if you aren’t lucky enough to be near one.  However, if you find yourself in California, Florida, or Texas you might be in luck as these three states house almost half of the total locations for the entire chain.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Fuddruckers

With Fuddruckers being known as one of the best burger places in America it can be hard to imagine that there is still things we don’t know about the chain. We know about the constant success, the awards winning burgers, and the owner leaving to start a macaroni and cheese shop. However, you may not know about these 5 facts:

  1. The location in Modesto, CA is said to haunted by the ghost of a skater boy.
  2. As part of the company’s “Fudd’s Exotics” kangaroo burgers were added to the menu for a short time.
  3. The chain was named after a faux airline, “Fudpucker Airlines”.
  4. The founder, Philip Romano, invested in a heart stent that became an essential tool for cardiac surgeons.
  5. The restaurant is a global phenomenon with patrons across the globe posting about needing a location near them.

Menu Items & Specialties

Fuddruckers is known for their hamburgers and people have been known to travel hundreds of miles to try one. The most popular burger option on the menu is the Original Fudds Burger, which comes as either a ⅓ pound, ½ pound, ⅔ pound, or 1 pound burger.  Other non-hamburger options on the menu include chicken, fish and exotic burgers like buffalo, elk and wild board. No matter which food you go with just remember to come hungry and you will surely leave satisfied.

A Brief History

Fuddruckers was originally started out as Freddie Fuddruckers in 1979 by Philip Romano. Philip believed that no one had created the best burger yet and he took it upon himself to create “the world’s best burger”. The main concept of the restaurant was to provide customers with large hamburgers that were topped with fresh sliced tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and cheese sauce.

Once the chain entered the California market it began competing against high end fast food restaurants. On numerous occasions it won awards for best burger in the area and quickly took over the market space. With the overwhelming success in California and Texas Philip decided to expand again. The company was at nearly 150 chains before Phillip left the company to  explore other business opportunities.

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