Arby’s is a little different when compared to other fast food chains as they offer roast beef and deli-style market fresh sandwiches. This has allowed the restaurant to hold the title as one of the healthiest options for a quick service meal. So if you are in the mood for a Roast Beef Classic or perhaps their signature curly fries then you are in luck. The company currently operates more than 3,300 stores in over 8 different countries.

Hours and Locations

While many Arby’s locations open the same time at 10:00am, the closing times for each can vary. Some of the chains close at 3:00am, some close at midnight, and others close anywhere in between the two. There are even some that stay open 24/7 in bigger cities or college towns. With such variance it is always a good idea to look into the specific location you are going to, in order to  see the hours of operations. Keep in mind hours may differ on holidays like New Year's day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Good Friday and Black Friday. is often used by people who are trying to find out if “there is an Arby’s near me, that’s open today”.

Our restaurant locator will help you find both the location and hours of operation of any store. With well over 3,300 locations spread throughout the United States and globally you are sure to find one to satisfy your lunch or dinner cravings. This is especially true if you are visiting either Florida, Indiana, Ohio, or Michigan.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Arby’s

With so many fast food options in today’s world it is hard for any one of them to stand out. Some do it with menu offerings, some do it with price, and some do it with design. Arby’s has the distinction of doing it with a little of all three. Take a look at these 5 fun facts about the fast food company and see if you can spot their winning distinction.

  1. Arby’s was originally going to be named “Big Tex” but there was a similar company close by.
  2. Famed baseball slugger, Hank Aaron, owned nearly every franchise location in the Milwaukee area.
  3. Arby’s was the first chain restaurant to ban smoking in all of its locations.
  4. The company hold the world record at 13 hours long.
  5. Over 5 billion classic roast beef sandwiches have been sold since the company opened in 1964.

Menu Items & Specialties

Arby’s was one of the first fast food restaurant chains to ditch the traditional burger and chicken sandwich and go with an innovative menu. Even today they are one of the few chains that offer a wide variety of roast beef sandwiches and market fresh deli-sandwiches. Other offerings of theirs include roast beef, turkey, and lamb gyros, chicken sandwiches, salads and shakes. The most popular combination to get is the Roast Beef Classic, curly fries, and a Jamocha shake.

A Brief History

Arby’s was originally founded in Boardman, OH by the Raffel brothers who thought that a fast food alternative to hamburgers was needed. Thus, the idea to open a chain that offered roast beef and deli sandwiches was born. Originally when toying with names they settled on “Big Tex” which is why the sign and logo for the company resembles a cowboy hat. Sadly, after they had invested resources into the logo they realized their chosen name had been taken by a local company in nearby Akron.  The brother’s hunch about serving alternatives to hamburgers was a smashing success as the company quickly grew at a pace of 50 new stores a year and outpaced every other chain during the 1970’s.

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